Breaking News: Mixed feelings as Mandela’s will is read.

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The will of the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela has been read. The anti apartheid struggle icon left 64 million South African rands for his family. 9 if his employees got 50,000 Rands each for their services to the late president. The children got 3 million rands each and his surviving wife Gracia got half of Mandela’s estate.

Mixed feelings aroused on the social media as Winnie Mandela was omitted from the will. Winnie didn’t get a cent from the will.

A status update on Facebook reads thus: “If Mandela truly forgave Winnie, why would he omit her in his will despite her struggles during the struggle?”

It will be recalled that some white sculptors had made a caricature of Mandela’s statue by inserting a rat in his ear.

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