Piers Morgan Signs Off Show With Desperate Gun Control Plea — Watch

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Piers Morgan sat behind the desk for ‘Piers Morgan Live’ one last time on March 28, to say goodbye and make an emotional plea for better gun control here in the United States. Click to watch and see just how Piers said his goodbyes.

Piers Morgan, 49, had been at the helm of the live CNN show since taking it over from Larry King over three years ago. Piers said his goodbyes on the final episode, and managed to add in a long monologue about better gun control laws here in the United States before he put down the mic for good. He cited several huge cases here in the states in which massive casualties occurred at the hands of gun wheedling killers — cases he says could have been avoided.

After spending most of his final show on missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the always controversial British journalist took a few minutes to talk about the overwhelming amount of gun violence here in the states.

Piers had this to say about gun control, “I assumed that after 70 people were shot in a movie theater, and then, just a few months later, 20 first-graders were murdered with an assault rifle in an elementary school, the absurd gun laws in this country would change. But nothing has happened.”

“The gun lobby in America, led by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly, supine silence. Even when 20 young children are blown away in their classrooms.This is a shameful situation that has made me very angry. So angry, in fact, that some people have criticized me for being too loud, opinionated, even rude when I have debated the issue of guns. But I make no apologies for that,” Piers added.

His three years in the old Larry King Live time slot were marked by low ratings and his involvement in the British phone hacking scandal. Those two things didn’t help his case any when producers ultimately decided to axe the show.

The 9 p.m. time slot is scheduled to be filled by various CNN anchors such as Jake Tapper and Don Lemon until a replacement is named.

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