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Image”If the United states citizens decide to be bombing the USA everyday and ready to die, there is nothing Obama can do about it.

The only thing he can do is to urge citizens to report bad people. If citizens refuse to report evil people then there is nothing anyone can do.

Here in the USA in Chicago to be precise more than 10 people are killed everyday and that’s the same thing. I am only worried that this is Abuja.

I’m worried that people who do not support them were killed in this attack.” And I add: I remember the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBERS were apprehended with the help of PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS. They volunteered info, agreed to lockdowns and all that.

Can we say the same of our HYPOCRITICAL LOVERS OF BLOODSHED??? Can Govt stop Millions of Yam Sellers? Orange Sellers? etc from being LOYAL to their ogas at the top who have impoverished them for years and then use them to BOMB INNOCENT NIGERIANS because they want power to return to the north?????

“There are people in power in certain parts of the country, leaders, who quite genuinely and authoritatively hate and cannot tolerate any religion outside their own,” “When you combine that with the ambitions of a number of people who believe they are divinely endowed to rule the country and who… believe that their religion is above whatever else binds the entire nation together, and somehow the power appears to slip from their hands, then they resort to the most extreme measures.

“Youths who have been indoctrinated right from infancy can be used, and who have been used, again and again to create mayhem in the country”

“Those who have created this faceless army have lost control.”

-Professor Wole Soyinka


    Adeleke Kehinde said:
    April 18, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    My question to the professor is this, are we saying the president does not know who the leaders are or is he simply powerless against them or will Obama simply go for a political rally shortly after a bomb goes off in the capital city or minors get abducted in a school? The body language of our political leaders leaves much to be desired.


    Cent Bright said:
    May 2, 2014 at 9:44 am

    Asking too many doubtful questions will never bring any meaningful answer…..all of us wants jonathan to show off some muscles but we don’t know how much he’s doing already. Nigeria is one of the most difficult nation to rule especially by a man with Godly Heart; the seat of Nigerian government is surrounded by terrible men; is not as simple as we think, all the may end this war at the moment is if Jonathan steps down and that also will linger the problem of the nation if the power eventually falls back into the hands of the same men who triggered, sponsored and informed the BOKO HARAM of the government plans and plots. ISLAMIC RELIGION is a terrible cult. They want supremacy, they want to be in control and will go to the extreme to achieve that. WE SHOULD ALL LEAVE JONATHAN ALONE ON THIS, HE CAN ONLY DO WHAT HE CAN DO, HE’S FIGHTING ALOT OF ENEMIES NOT JUST BOKO HARAM.


      Kehinde Adeleke said:
      May 2, 2014 at 1:59 pm

      If indeed Goodluck’s hands are clean and he is a God fearing man, then he should not be afraid to defend his people by ‘showing some muscles’. Even Isreal ‘God’s own people’ are most eager to defend their nation at any time.
      Nigeria needs a strong leader, one who can take decisive action. A good illustration of this is america’s Barrack Obama, who took the decision to take out Osama on foreign lands without recourse to that country’s government. Nigeria can be likened to America in the continent and as such countries like Chad and Cameroon should not be a problem if we need to take out terrorist across our borders.
      Furthermore, Nigeria is wealthy enough to be able to purchase ‘drones’ (unmanned aircrafts) to enable us survey the sambisa forest, thereby give our ground troops an advantage and needed intel to manuevure the terrain. These drones can survey both day and night without dedection and send live feedbacks.
      We require an intelligent group to enable us conquer this terror called boko haram.


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