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I Pledge To Allah – Imam Abubakar Shekau
My brethren in Islam, I am greeting you in the name of Allah like he instructed we should among Muslims. Allah is great and has given us privilege and temerity above all people.

If we meet infidels, if we meet those that become infidels according to Allah, there is no any talk except hitting of the neck; I hope you chosen people of Allah are hearing. This is an instruction from Allah. It is not a distorted interpretation it is from Allah himself. This is from Allah on the need for us to break down infidels, practitioners of democracy, and constitutionalism, voodoo and those that are doing western education, in which they are practicing paganism.
If you say, I pledge to Nigeria my country, it is wrong and act of paganism. For me, I pledge to Allah my God, to be faithful to my Allah and you to your country. I to my Allah, I pledge to my Allah. To be faithful, loyal and honest to serve Allah. Are you saying what? To serve Nigeria? To Serve Allah? Loyal and honest to serve Allah? That is what I will say; this is what you are saying in your reading of western education. With all your strength you said you will worship a land, this is what you people said.
They are even saying that they would defend indivisibility of the country and its oneness. For me I will defend only what Allah said and you are only defending country. This is our differences and that is where I detect that western education is infidel. Allahuakubar. This is a message to Muslims to wage war against infidels who are not doing what Allah said. Those who are working that infidels and their act become our institutions in the world.
Suddenly you will hear somebody coming and be saying that there are no religious differences, where did you have that talk that there are no differences? Where did you get this talk because of Allah? Who told you there are no differences when Allah said there are differences in religion? What will you say about what Prophet said that the whites and the Jews will not trust you until you turn to their religion? This is what our leader said and you are telling us something useless.
You are sitting down in the name of clerics with turbans; you are sitting with Christians thinking it is mediation. Saying it is development and progress, what progress after you have deviated from Allah? We will die killing and slaughtering them, if you meet infidels in battle field brethren, just harvest their necks; Allah said it and not Shekau. Harvest Jonathan’s neck, harvest Kashim’s neck, Allah said cut out Burabura’s neck, even in Ka’aba if some is doing Salat for so long as he is deviating from what Allah said, he is infidel. Cut out their necks until the time that you will get majority over infidels of the world. And you will get it, Allah said it, time will come that you will form majority over infidels, face to face.
We will hold you as slaves, who told you there is no slave? They said human rights, stupid liars, when did you know human rights? You just come and lying in the name of Allah, Allah who created human doesn’t know rights until you stupid?
I will marry out a female at 12; I will do same for a nine year old girl like it was done on my mother Aisha and wife of Prophet. You infidels of the world, you have met a trouble, we must follow Allah, and you should die with bitterness.
Brethren cut out infidels from their necks, brothers you should capture slaves; just because I took girls in western school they are worried. I said they should even desert the school, they should go and marry. Nonsense, I am the one that captured your girls and I will sell them in the market. I have my own market of selling people; it is the owner that instructed me to sell. Yes, I will sell the girls people, I am selling the girls like Allah said until we soak the ground of Nigeria with infidels blood and so called Muslims contradicting Islam. After we have killed, killed, killed and get fatigue and wondering on what to do with smelling of their corpses, smelling of Obama, Bush, Putin and Jonathan worried us then we will open prison and be imprisoned the rest. Infidels have no value.
It is Jonathan’s daughter that I will imprison; nothing will stop this until you convert. If you turn to Islam then you will be saved. For me anyone that embraces Islam is my brother. Stupid Jonathan, no matter your infidel status you will be surprise. Until the land is soaked with blood, you have never fought me but I am angry with you, this is what I said. We will kill and imprison and never get tired or you bring your trillion, there is nothing we can do with your money, if you know us you will not think that of us.
Allah said he just give us work because if he likes, he will finish infidels, but Allah made us to fight you so as to taste our faith. Some of us that said we are believers; it is to see if we are sincere or just playing to gallery. This is what Allah does to taste us with difficulties and see our faith. Those that died working for Allah, they will not lose their deeds, and they will see it in heaven.
May Allah make us killed in working for him, oh Allah make us to work for you. Oh Allah helps us to work for you, this is what I will tell my brothers to stand and work for Allah and Islam.
What I will want you to know is, there is slavery in Islam, don’t be deceive about United Nations, it is useless thing and I call them United Nations of absurdity led by Ban Ki-moon. If not how can you say there is no slaves? Why are you slaughtering chicken?  If someone say there is slave, what is wrong? Are daughters of slaves not slaves? It is Quran that said so, for example can you go into someone’s house with his wife and children and say they should leave the house? Locals will even say you are an oppressor and so, where is Allah and you? Where is Allah and you Jonathan and Obama? Where is Allah and Ban Ki-moon? And you are saying you are advocates of human rights. Humour sexual people like you, promoters of same sex marriage, animals knows rights more than them, even sheep doesn’t sleep sheep, but you keep a woman and a woman as husband and wife.
See the time we are in and Obama will stand up and say it is their rights, see what we are facing. We said we will worship our Allah and stick to what he said, we left your sight and you are still fighting us. You think we will not worship Allah? Allah said his land is vast and only him will be worshipped. Go and form your own land, we are in Allah’s land and don’t know Nigeria. We don’t know Cameroon or Chad, I don’t know, I don’t have a country. Islamiyya is what I have, wherever I am is mind. This is what we know.
There are slaves in Islam, you should know this, Prophet Muhammed took slaves himself during Badr war. He killed many and because of this, I will also kill Obama, if I catch him. I will kill Jonathan, if I catch him. Just like you want to catch me and kill me. Do you think I will Allah’s work? I am not mad; it is you that is mad. You are placing 50 million booty on the person that catch me, you don’t know that there people that we are slaughtered in the cause of Islam, I am no one. I know my religion well and not illiterate.  I am nothing if Civilian JTF kills me. Even a small person can kill me. I am working for God and will die in it, no one can stop me. You killed Mohammed Yusuf, are you not saying he is even better than Shekau? Even if you kill me, other fighters will rise better than me, I am nothing and worthless before God who I am working for. That is Islam you don’t know.
Like Prophet did, even if I catch slave, I will hold and say I am the owner. There is no President in Nigeria. No President in Nigeria, no President in the world only Islam. Why would you arrest people and keep them in prison? What is the reason? You are doing yours, should we not do Allah’s own? Any infidel is a sheep to be sold, Jonathan, if I catch you, I will sell you, Obama, Bush I will sell you for peanut. Infidels doesn’t have value, I am the most expensive, don’t be agree, I have no doubt it will have, the only way this stop is your conversation. I will cut and not eat your meat; neither will I drink your blood.  
Let me tell you prominent people who worked for Allah and authored several books were slaves, and you come here saying we are selling girls, are you their manufacturer? You are nothing, it is the owner that authorizes the sell, and you are suffering people you gave people holding arms without food. It is Bush and Obama that are talking about rights.
It is a lie, in fact you suppose to wash and re-wash a plate Christian eats food before you eat as Muslims. You know all these things and you are contradicting Islam. And you come joining hands with Bush, and Obama. You are laughing, I am talking about King of Saudi Arabia, and they are his advisors. Our own people are those in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Mali. Our own are those who will stand and say Quran to be followed. I will not fear anyone.
You are seen me black, I am for Allah; you are deceiving people that they are Arabians. No matter what you think, I will not follow anyone except Allah; I will not model anyone except Prophet. Brethren stand up and never allowed yourself to be cheated. You came deceiving people with democracy and Abraham Lincoln, Aminu Kano, Tafawa Balewa are all infidels because it was constitution that they promoted. If you like you should understand or deliberately refused. May Allah help us to do what is in Quran.  
How can you call Allah when you have followed Obama, I am not Boko Haram, I am Jamaatu Allus sunna lil daawati wal Jihad. I don’t care what you call me, you are in trouble. I am against government of the people by the people. I am for government of the people by Allah. I will not worship what you are worshipping, you are worshipping democracy and because of that you are tracing to kill us. What is even your religion, communists like you. Everything you say NATO, you thought we don’t know, England, France, Germany, China, all communists.
All those clerics are to be killed for following democracy, all of them are infidels. I will tell Muslims what Allah wants them to do. We are anti-Christians, and those that deviated from Islam, they are forming basis with prayers but infidels.
All those with turbans looking for opportunities to smear us, they are all infidels. Betrayers and cheats like them. Like Israel people, Rome, England they are all Christians and humour sexual. People of Germany like Margret Thatcher. Ndume are all infidels.
Saminu Turaki said he is representing mediation, enter our hand and see mediation. All of them are infidels. Here is what Bush once said and we will repeat it here. He said all the fights going on in Iraq and Afghanistan are Christian war, crusade, it is a known issue. And that they will crush Afghanistan, today I will say my own. To the people of the world, everybody should know his status, it is either you are with us Mujahedeen or you are with the Christians. The likes of Obama, Lincoln, Clinton, Jonathan, Aminu Kano. They are your fathers of democracy, the likes of Tafawa Balewa. It is Usman Dan Fodiyo that is our own.
We know what is happening in this world, it is a Jihad war against Christians and Christianity. It is a war against western education, democracy and constitution. We have not started, next time we are going inside Abuja; we are going to refinery and town of Christians. Do you know me? I have no problem with Jonathan. This is what I know in Quran. This is a war against Christians and democracy and their constitution, Allah says we should finish them when we get them.
It was in this land that they cleaned defect with Quran in Maiduguri, in university they did same. They are cheating Islam and deceiving. I support not Abraham Lincoln, Ban Ki-moon, and any unbeliever. This war is against Islam. God will not leave us. You are dying because of money and I will die believing in Allah.

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