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ImageShe is Dr. Dame Chief (Mrs). Patience Fakabelema Jonathan (nee Oba), the first lady of Nigeria and he is President Goodluck Jonathan. Dame Patience Jonathan was born in Port Harcourt on the 25th October 1957 while President Goodluck Jonathan was born on 20th November, 1957, a month younger than his wife.
They met at the Rivers State College of Education (now Rivers State University of Education, Rumuolumeni). President Goodluck Jonathan was her lecturer and one thing led to another, they both fell in love. Today, the rest is history as that Mr. Lecturer of yesterday now leads the most populous black nation on earth. Hear her:

“We first met at the Rivers State College of Education, Port Harcourt where I was a student. He was my Biology lecturer.Later, he left for university of Port Harcourt to pursue his PhD but he was already attracted to me and later we both fell in love and got married.”

She is widely criticized for her poor grammar. She is currently been crucified in the social media for her recent outburst on national television where she lost control of her emotions crying: “Chai, there is God oh” with a heavy Nigerian ascent.
Africa Thisday asks Nigerians: What is her crime? Is been original and real a crime in Nigeria? Why have Nigerians chosen ‘fashion’ instead of ‘passion’? Has the west so enslaved you that you have lost that African factor-Respect? Isn’t pidgin English the Nigerian thing? When did good English become a yardstick to measure good leadership? Is English your mother tongue? Does the English man speak your language let alone been fluent in any African language? Africa Thisday asks!Answers wanted!

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