LET’S FACE IT AFRICA with First Son Of Africa.

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Read this if the economy of your country directly/indirectly affects you… For about one month, I’ve been crawling through the pages of a book titled: “Capitalist Nigger” authored by Chika Onyeani. Every sentence in this book is loaded with an explosive capable of shattering the high walls of economic slavery raised in the minds of the average African living in Africa or born,raised& living outside the soil of Africa. Never has it mattered to me that ‘none of the natural resources under the soil of Africa is under the control of Africa’. We are a rich people living the poor life. We don’t care that the revenues generated by Four Foreign Oil companies in Africa has surpassed the revenues of ALL the 50 black African countries south of the Sahara combined. I strongly believe that every R3VOLUTION has always been a child of Revelation.

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