Meet The Princess of Saudi Arabia and Her Struggles.

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ImageThis will shock you. The daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful, modern woman, who goes out in public wearing a scarf on her head that reveals her hair which is ‘un-islamic’.

Adlah bint Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Al Saoud is an islamic activist who fights for the freedom of muslim women and who believes that “Al Niqab” is more of a tradition, while the scarf represents what Islam instructs.

Adlah is an active woman in Saudi Arabia. She participates in welcoming foreign delegations, she attends plays and events, she poses for photos with younger women and men.

Adlah sees that there’s a real problem with underage marriages and calls for setting the rules straight and setting an age for marriage. She debates that an ancient islamic law does not fit into a modern society and thus must be reviewed.
She also sees no problem in women and men working side by side, as long as there’s mutual respect and laws that indict harassment.

Let’s know your opinion.
Do you agree in the struggles of Saudi’s Princess?

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