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ImageThe abduction of over 200 female students in Nigeria sparked off series of local and international protests with the harsh tag #Bring Back Our Girls.
Whereas the international protests are directed mainly to the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram and to pressurize world powers to intervene in the search and rescue of the school girls; the local protest in Nigeria which is led among others by Mrs. Oby Ezekwesiri, a former minister of Education in Nigeria is directed to the President Goodluck Jonathan led Nigerian Government.
In a well reported government response to the protesters, the Nigerian government had asked them to re-direct their protests to the islamic terror group.
Already Nigerian social media commentators are accusing Mrs. Oby Ezekwesiri to have been paid by the political opponents of President Goodluck Jonathan to hijack the #Bring Back Our Girls protest for anti-Goodluck Jonathan campaigns.
A frequent social media commentator, Kingsley Ibeabuchi posted this on his facebook timeline:

“The ‪#‎Bringbackourgirls‬ protests is beginning to take political shape. Is Oby Ezekwesili not aware of the presence of foreign military aids;that’s already present in Chibok, searching for the girls? Is she dumb to the fact that, we have terror in our hands and we require unified effort,and well taught-out strategy to ensure safe rescue?
Obviously,She seem to be acting-out a script. Very soon,she will regret this. She that dines with the devil with tea-spoon will soon have her hands consumed.
One of the protesters at the yesterdays rally,asked that Mr. President should substantiate on the reality of the abduction of Chibok Girls? And my question is; is Mr. President a member of Boko Haram,is there no Governor in that State, or are there no records to show,or don’t these girls have parents?
I want to still ask this fellow;why should she join this protest, if She is not sure,any girl was abducted. Or, is it that the actual abductees, had been released? Does it mean that, maybe, every other story around these chibok saga are mere fallacy, doctored to achieve a rubbishing-political propaganda?

My happiness is that some foreign presence are involved in the search, and sooner or later the truth will float. All these Political destitutes will hide their heads in shame!”

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