Lets Face It Africa…Who Introduced Africa To God?

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lfiaThe white man came here and met our ancestors answering: Chukwu, Chukwumerije, Uthando, Thandaza, Chukwuemeka, Iyanuoluwa, Chinonso, Chiebuka, Olisa, Igwe, Obasi, Orimolade etc.
While they were answering: Mr. Green, Wilberforce, Mungo Park, Mr. Bill, Mr. Bush and so many other funny names.

Yet, they claimed our ancestors did not know God and some people believed them.

How can Mr. Wilberforce teach Nze Chukwudi about God? How can Mr. Greenfield teach Thandaza about praying to God. How can Mungo Park teach Uthando about the love of God. Or Bush teach Afolorunso about the protection of God. How can Mr. Bill teach Iyanuoluwa about the Mercy of God?

That they brought Church does not mean our fore fathers were ignorant of the Supreme Being.

Our culture and that of Israeli share so many similar peculiarities, why one will be idolatry and another godly still amazes me.

Our fore fathers weren’t as evil as projected by the colonizers. They might have made one or two plunders out of the ignorance of their time. But, so also did the ancestors of the colonizers
Africa is a great continent. Africa loves God. Africa is RISING.

~Peter Agbai

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