Black slavery: closed chapter or open wound.

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While you won’t easily find a Jew telling the world how the Jews also contributed to the Holocaust, you won’t need to search deep to find where a black man has written a long treatise narrating how his ancestors were also responsible for slavery.

On the Holocaust the Jews sell just one narrative -they were victims. The world owes them an apology and must treat them like delicate eggs – especially when the issue of the Holocaust is mentioned.

The world must regard the Holocaust as the greatest horror ever perpetrated on any people. The memory of the Holocaust must be accepted as sacred. In fact today in Germany to deny the Holocaust happened is against the law,you will be jailed if you express that kind of opinion,you can’t even joke around it,you can’t try to water down the memory with silly narratives.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, that people were hounded and packed into chambers and gassed is all there is to be told. You attempt a different tale and you are liable to serve time in prison.

But the Blackman, especially the African is always the first to tell the world that slavery existed in Africa before the unforgivable criminality that was the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They tell you blacks too also held slaves in the USA. They tell you the Black man is responsible because it was actually the Blackman in Africa who sold his brothers to the White Man. They are always there, these miseducated Africans, reminding other Africans that the TAST wasn’t such a big deal after all, such that long after abolition black people are still talking about it much less blaming it for the racial issues plaguing Black people in places like America.

What is the motive behind these disingenuous narratives coming from inheritors of this shame? To water down the horrors and present the hundreds of years of hell as something to be waved away based on collective guilt? To expunge from the conscience of those who, were the times not different would still have humans in chains and treated like properties, a guilt that should only be washed by centuries of atonement and restitution, if at all? Or do these people have a proper appreciation of the the horror that was the TAST?

Someone said the way black people talk about slavery amounts to crybabism and I thought to myself,”seriously? Is that so?” If so,then what? The entire state of Israel is founded on such crybabism! The Jews got an entire country gifted to them because Hitler and his bunch of cavorting neblungs invested 3 years of their miserable lives gassing folks!

To suggest that a people that were burnt, hung, raped, slaughtered like chicken, dragged across the ocean locked supine in darkness to hide their shame while they vomited, shit and urinated on their bodies and on arrival at a place that could have passed as the land of their deads were treated like properties for more centuries should just wave it all away and move on is criminal!

The Holocaust isn’t something the Jews wish away by trading on deodorizing narratives, why should the Black people become merchants of narratives that make to lighten the burden of guilt on the oppressor? The Jews know the Holocaust was an unforgivable sin and they have no desire to tell anyone otherwise.

But a Black Man thinks Kanye West in a moment of vapid simplcity is worth his vacuous opinion because “blacks should get up and stop blaming slavery, after all it happened hundreds of years ago.”

Go to Israel, Germany or Poland and express half of that kind of retardation on the Holocaust and see if you won’t find yourself in jail.

It would seem as if there exists a paradox where brilliance is a burden for the modern Black Man,and he must of personally imposed necessity dull the effervescence of who he is,but most importantly,dull also,even the greatness that lies within his capacity,if only he willed it.

Dr. Uwuma Precious.

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