The curious case of Jubrin from Sudan: from infantile to truly bizarre.

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Lies sound like facts to those who’ve been conditioned to mis-recognize the truth. – Dashanne  Stokes


Even by the most absurd stretches of delusion and fantasy,the President Buhari led federal government has not quite lived up to it’s billing,to out it quite mildly.

But there are two ways Nigerians can look at this fact generally.

For one part,those who support him believe that the journey of recovery for Nigeria would follow something very close to the path the president has initiated,and the second perspective,a damning one,is that he was never prepared for the job,was always an outsider to succeed at moving the country to better fortunes,and then add to that his frail health,predicted and eventual passing as they claim.

So enter Jubril,the man the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu first introduced as the Sudanese impostor who replaced the dead Nigerian President. This followed the predictions of the likes of the erstwhile Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose, who first revealed that he had on good authority that the real President Muhammad Buhari had died from his illnesses in the United Kingdom where he went to seek medical care.

And so the conspiracy theories and intrigue began,surrounding whether the President is truly still,well,himself,or the mysterious character Jubrin. These theories have dragged so much so that the likes of former minister Femi Fani Kayode and now even a certain Oyedepo,have waded in on the Jubrin (or is it Jubril) from Sudan chorus with full accompaniment and conductors to ochestrate the tune. A truly pathetic moment for a people.

I for one would assume Jubrin a perhaps really lonely man,leaving his country,hometown,friends and possibly family to take up leadership of a foreign country all by himself. And most heartbreakingly,I would feel sorry perhaps, for the PMB family for not being able to mourn their own,that the real President Buhari would have passed on without the proper ceremonies and rites to honour a man who achieved so much personally. And finally I would feel sorry for a nation that was so cruelly deceived into allowing such an evil impostor take the highest seat of office in the land,without even being a citizen or any form of election.

But come on people.

It is true we live in desperate and dire times,it is true that the minds of the worst among us are filled with mischief and all forms of deceit,but really come on!!!!

How simplistic can we allow ourselves to be? How long do we allow obtuse degenerates spoon feed us with the idiocy that only their truly retarded minds can churn out? When do we say enough is enough and begin to hone our own capacities for deductive analysis?

First and foremost only a highly dense individual would believe that the international community would ever play host to an impostor President of any kind,and to believe this would require staggering heights of stupidity.

On the other hand to propagate this level of perverse and odious folly requires a mindset of wickedness that can stifle the growths of nations,and turn a blind eye to the dire hardship and suffering of its own populace.

It is true that under President Buhari Nigeria has suffered untold hardships,and by the evidence on ground he does not deserve a second tenure,but decency demands that we allow the truth stand on its own if we cannot reinforce it with truth. It is inhuman and beastly to concoct wicked lies to support what we believe to be true,such a formula will never survive prolonged scrutiny.

We can believe the claim that Jubrin of Sudan is now President, or we can see it as a cruel joke,but whatever we chose here,we should be aware that the world is watching us yet again,that there are narratives and counter narratives that could be drawn for or against us,and that with the present turn of events the world over,we as a people will never be able to acquire the right allies if we allow ourselves to continue living in the morass of ridiculously base story telling and delusional realities.

Now is not the time for any of that,now is the time for truth,courage,honest endeavour,and goodwill towards our fellow country men.

Boma Princewill.

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