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Tracynither Nicholas a highly successful business woman and social media influencer had this to say about media personality Joy Isi Bewaji.


Joy Isi Bewaji is one lovely lady that I admire because she is intelligently creative with her writing skills. But for her talented writing skills alone, I strongly believe she is a complete MISFIT when it comes to the guidelines she gives to her followers on parenting, love matters and the multiple businesses she is always setting up but as usual never succeeding at any.

Sometimes I feel like hugging her tight, because I know deep down she is highly depressed and emotionally broken. All is not well with that lady, who cannot keep a steady relationship for a full year or nurture a particular business that will be well known or be successful at it.

The way and manner this lady who over the years has sealed up the mouth of her followers from telling her the truth, but rather agrees to every post and wrong advice she puts up by closing up her comment section and maintaining only the “Oh Yes” followers online makes one to wonder the spell she uses to make them dumb.

Sometime last year or a year before, she was dating a Married Man whose Wifey I know well enough, the Man set up a business for her but she was busy on Facebook dishing out relationship advice on how ladies should be arrogant to Men with her many grammars than making any profitable returns on that business and before you say jack, both business and romance folded up. She discharged her staff without any proper briefing and asked those she housed in the BQ of the office complex to vacate the place leaving many of them stranded while she relocated to a Hotel in Victoria Island where she coiled herself in like a SERPENT for months because of Heartbreak.

The same lady who advises ladies on how to look down on Men, on how to be arrogant to Men could not show her bravery since the support of Men means nothing to her frustrated life. She was coiled up in that Hotel until a new and different Man delivered her from that Heartbreak and gave her a new lease of life and fresh air. Again she quickly set up another new business on the head and account of the new man.

To cut the long story short, this new man picked up and continued from where the old man stopped. He spent money on her like it was going out of fashion and Joy who lives her frustrated life on Facebook and for the general public made sure she updated us with all the love details. She forgot to save or put things in place for the rainy days. The man kept taking her from one restaurant to the other as Joy who also advised other women never to cook for their men vowed not to enter a kitchen but choosed to live life on the sky.

Man don spend Money tire on hotel bills even after He rented her an apartment, He got tired of spending on her trips, got tired of the wastage and took to his heels. Finally the glamour has disappeared and we are now talking about stage dramas and TACC classes to survive and fill up the vacuum.

Young ladies on Facebook this 2019 mind the advice of those you will assimilate into your life. Ladies like Joy isi Bewaji who comes here to tell you never to be submissive or respectful to a man as the Men should be to you also are complete failures in some of life accomplishments, don’t listen to them. Be a Woman that a Man needs not a Woman who needs a man, Be an asset and not a liability and Restaurant consumer like Joy isi Bewaji.

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