Going down memory lane;

I can see President Goodluck Jonathan’s enemies are having a
swell time over ‪#‎Bring‬BackOurGirls# and all of that. Yes, he is
the president but the most blackmailed president in the history
of Nigeria. Why? Because some people have over the years
poisoned others mind against the man. In the calculation
Goodluck Jonathan was not supposed to be president. He was
supposed to be the Vice President and they quiet loyal Vice
President. Olusegun Obasanjo picked Goodluck Jonathan and
made him Yar’adua’s assistant because he didn’t want an Atiku
type of Vice President for Yar’adua. You know how Atiku showed
Obasanjo pepper. Now Obasanjo didn’t know Umar Musa
Yar’adua would die. He didn’t. Yar’adua was the only person
Baba Iyabo trusted to handover to because Obasanjo and
Yar’adua are cousin. Yar’adua’s brother, that one who died in
prison was Obasanjo’s right hand man. You recalled when
General Sani Abacha picked up Yar’adua’s elder brother, he picked up
Obasanjo. Obasanjo handed over power to a man he knew
would never prosecute him. Goodluck Jonathan was supposed
to be that docile Vice President. But like Wole Soyinka would
say, “The Man Died.” He died. When he died some people were
very angry that Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as president
even though that is the constitution. The hate relationship
started immediately some political class who wanted to hijack
power from the Yar’adua regime got information that Yar’adua
wasn’t coming back.
After Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in he was told by these
mafiaso gangs to step down for them immediately Umar Musa
Yar’adua’s regime come to a close. They call themselves
Northern Alliance. Goodluck Jonathan went ahead to win the
primaries after they handpicked Atiku Abubakar from the likes
of IBB, Saraki (disqualified as Yoruba) and Gusau. Immediately
Goodluck Jonathan won the primaries allegiance shifted to
General Muhammad Buhari. People were angry. Politicians kept
poisoning the atmosphere with hate. It was that hate that led to
the CPC massacre after the 2011 election where Buhari’s
supported took to the streets to unleash mayhem when the
People’s General lost in one of the freest and fairest election in
Nigeria’s history.
Those who hate Goodluck Jonathan kept campaigning against

the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.
I see them hijacking the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and
turning it into hate campaign. A lot of people have been killed
by BOKO HARAM. If we have all screamed and shouted in
unison like this from the beginning we would have averted
Chibok and all the bombing in Nigeria. We were SILENT. The
President is not the only leader in Nigeria. We are all leaders.
Leadership starts from the house. It starts from your immediate
vicinity. I hold Northern Nigerian leaders more responsible for
Boko Haram than the president. Those who know where Boko
Haram are heading did nothing until now. Those who
understand the mindset of this people did nothing until now.
Those who even talked were talking rubbish, blaming Christian
Association of Nigeria, Israel, the United States and all for Boko
Haram. The only people they did not blame are themselves.
In this country people celebrated and defended Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber. When that it
happened you see them taking pictures with the father and
spashing it all over Facebook. Is it not like taking picture with
the father of Lawrence Anini?
I will stop this by saying even though we must demonstrate
when it is time to demonstrate, we should also support
government to end this madness not use the madness as an
opportunity to become nuisance. Some people are really
becoming nuisance with all this noise. The noise is not even
about CHIBOK anymore.
The reason why I am refreshing history is not to exonerate the
president of blames but to tell Nigerians that at times of trouble
we support our nation and not betray it. A lot of people are
happy Boko Haram are embarrassing Nigeria because they don’t
like President Goodluck Jonathan. That’s the mindset in some
areas and you cannot change it.
-George Onmonya Daniel.


    faisal said:
    December 28, 2014 at 7:09 am

    This all you think G EL is boko haram


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