Terrorism: Conspiracies & My Thoughts! with Dr. Charles Awuzie

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profileWhen we explore the political and financial connections of terrorists, we find that these are not merely wayward fanatics operating in isolation, but that their channels penetrate to the upper reaches of power, in the governments of developed and developing countries, and outward into the nether regions of the occult and criminal underworlds.

The terrorist organisations across the world are shadows created by a ‘mega conspiracy’ operating from the criminal/occultic underworld to whom governments and governors are mere puppets. This is the conspiracy of the millennium.

Just for the sake of people who are new to the theories of conspiracy…The world has witnessed about 33 popular theories of conspiracy which turned out to be true ranging from:

*The Mafia: A secret crime society which was virtually unknown until the 1960s, when member Joe Valachi first revealed the society’s secrets to law enforcement officials. What was known was that organised crime existed, but not that the extent of their control included working with the CIA, politicians and the biggest businesses in the world.

Then there was Operation Mockingbird: Also in the 1950s to ’70s, a conspiracy theory that the CIA paid a number of well-known domestic and foreign journalists (from big-name media outlets like Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS and others) to publish CIA propaganda. The CIA also reportedly funded at least one movie, the animated “Animal Farm,” by George Orwell. The Church Committee finally exposed their activities in 1975.

Nigeria’s President has confirmed that the Nigerian chapter of the terrorist network has penetrated his cabinet. (There’s more to that statement than our minds could understand).

This millennium is witnessing an ‘unexposed’, ‘undisclosed’ and ‘unexpected’ conspiracy…as a result, the target of the conspirators lies vague while the entire world weeps helplessly at the cruel execution of their anti-mankind conspiracy.

This note would have achieved nothing if it fails to challenge you to ask more questions about terrorism…query the recent orchestration of terrorist attacks in the nations which go ‘uninvestigated’…Let our minds dig deeper far beyond our eyes can see and our minds could perceive…

The war on terrorism has lasted for decades yet it seems like the terrorists are on the winning side. World War 1 lasted only for 4 years, 1914-1918. In 1917, America joined the Allies and the next year, the war ended. In this war against terrorism, America is in the forefront yet the end of this war seem very far, why? Is it that America’s military in 1917 is stronger than their military in 2014 or just that this war against terrorism is a global mirage? Is there something the mainstream media is not telling us?

Dr. Charles Awuzie is a dynamic bible expositor, a conference speaker and blogger. He writes from Johannesburg, South Africa. Follow him on twitter @pastorcharlesc.


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Dr. Myles Munroe, internationally-known author, bible teacher, governmental consultant and leadership mentor, was one of nine passengers on a plane that crashed in Grand Bahama on Sunday afternoon, according to multiple news reports.

A Lear 36 executive jet left the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) for the Grand Bahama International Airport, the Department of Civil Aviation reports. The plane departed at 4:07 p.m. and carried nine people. The vessel crashed while making its landing approach, the Department of Civil Aviation said.

News reports indicate his wife, Ruth, and daughter were also killed in the crash.

Myles Munroe was travelling to host ‘Global Leadership Forum’ before the incident. His ministry has issued a statement on social media sites saying the meeting will hold. “…Friends, On behalf of Myles Munroe International and ITWLA. We would like to inform you that the Global Leadership Forum will continue. The Forum will be for two and a half days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning). This is what Dr. Munroe would have wanted. Please keep his family and the ministry in prayers.” The statement read.

Myles Munroe’s teachings on leadership have impacted Africa and African leaders. Africa extends her condolences to the rest of the Myle’s family and his ministry.

EXPOSED: Obama in the eyes of a poet.

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Credo Mutwa’s predictions has a history of accuracy. In this poem, he captures his prediction of America’s president.

He wrote a poem about him and he views him as “an actor upon the floodlit stage of life wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown”.
Accordingly, he says Obama “pretends smiles upon the crowded hall of life holding much hope as much as bright as it is false. ”
In a nutshell, he says “Africa will gladly look to Obama, but the truth is that he is a son born to deceive:”

Text from the Poem.
“You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive
“The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,
“See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.
“An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope
“Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.
“May those who hope in you behold you as you be
“A prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrines
“A siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.
“Your rule my lord will not be one of peace
“Your reign my king will not be one of smiles
“Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank.
“Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise
“They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.
“Oh black Kennedy following the one before
“May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse
“As you walk in silence from the stage of life…”

The million dollar question is “What if Credo Mutwa is right? Who really is Obama? Questions and more questions!


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This video has been making rounds on the internet with several Americans hitting it hard on the preacher. What do you think? Can Africa ever overtake America in Technological advancement and development? Your comments.


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Ngugi wa Thiong’o has argued that the ideology of racism has become a weapon for mental and spiritual domination and subjugation of peoples, which comes wrapped up in many forms and disguises that include religion, the arts, the media, culture, values, beliefs and even feelings. He adds that racism is one of the most devastating of all ideological weapons wielded by imperialism today because it is meant to safeguard the entire system of exploitation of the many by the few within and among nations. He cites five interlinked features as being responsible for this state of affairs in which racism becomes the centre-stage.

First, racism obscures the exploitative relations of the system between the wealthy few and the majority of the poor. It also obscures the reasons behind the vast gaps of wealth that exist between the rich capitalist nations, and poor nations of Africa, Asia and South America. It creates a situation where the exploited majority who produce the wealth enjoyed by the few become subservient and ever grateful to the rich for the ‘assistance’ given to them. It also obscures the origin of this wealth, which was produced by slave trade, slave labour, and colonialism by creating a belief that Europe developed because it is exceptional and superior.

Pan-Africanism was conceived and developed as anti-imperialist ideology of the African people. It came into being when the African people in the Diaspora became conscious of themselves as Africans poised against a racist society, which had enslaved them. It was a response to the oppressive European race consciousness, which was conceived for the purposes of enslavement and exploitation. The resistance to imperialism and racism was born within the struggle to develop a Pan-African Ideology. The persistence of imperialism and its servant racism are therefore factors which need to be explored and examined in order to spell out new directions in the struggle against it in new conditions.

The concept race and its expression in the social sciences has followed the path of capitalist transformations. Over time, racism has been built into the body politic of modern imperialism. A successful struggle against the enemy must depend on how successful the Pan-African intellectuals are able to sharpen their tools of analysis to combat racist ideology in whatever forms it may appear.


Sserubiri Uhuru is Africa Thisday’s columnist from Kampala, Uhuru. Send your questions to:


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ImageAtlanta, GA — The rumors are true. The National Church of Bey, an organization that recently formed the new religion Beyism (based on pop star Beyoncé Knowles), is a real organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Beyoncé herself is not believed to be a part of it, she is the foundation of it and has so far not made a statement denouncing it.
The church’s founder, Pauline John Andrews, recently stated, “We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine Deity walking among them. Deity’s often walk the Earth in their flesh form. Beyoncé will transcend back to the spirit once her work here on Mother Earth has been completed.”

They believe that Beyonce “sits among the throne of Gods”

He continued, “As our congregation continues to swell, we ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily? Beyoncé’s spirit is entrancing. We know that she was sent to this place to spread love, peace, and joy. While we do not believe Beyoncé to be the Creator, we recognize that she still sits among the throne of Gods. There is a lot of false information being spread about our beliefs, but we will correct all of the vicious lie-tellers. As Beyoncé spreads her gospel through song and dance, her message provides uplifting, loving, and many times real-life happenings. We humbly ask you to respect our beliefs, just as you want those to respect yours. Open your mind to new possibilities and you will see, just as we did, that Bey is a true higher power. Surfbort!”

They have their own version of the Bible — the Beyble

He adds, “We have published the Beyble and it will soon be available for free to the public. Donations have poured in and we will soon have enough to build a temple in honor of Mother Bey. We will invite her to speak to her flock, once the doors are open.”

Reportedly, The National Church Of Bey is also looking to expand outside of the Atlanta area. According to them, they already have parishes popping up all over the United States, Canada, and England.

Their official web site can be found on Tumbler at

It has also been reported that Oprah Winfrey has her own religion called the O-Religion and they worship the TV celebrity Oprah Winfrey while Jay Z was reported to be an influential member of the Illuminati.

What is really wrong with Black American Celebrities?

READ How Secret Societies Control the World.

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AMERICA: If you were really a member of the global élite, you’d know this already: the world is ruled by a powerful, secretive few. Many of the rest of us peons have heard that in 2004 both candidates for the White House were members of Yale University’s secretive Skull and Bones society, many of whose members have risen to powerful positions. But Skull and Bones is small potatoes compared with the mysterious cabals that occupy virtually every seat of power, from the corridors of government to the boardrooms of Wall Street.


Take the Illuminati, a sect said to have originated in 18th century Germany and which is allegedly responsible for the pyramid-and-eye symbol adorning the $1 bill: they intend to foment world wars to strengthen the argument for the creation of a worldwide government (which would, of course, be Satanic in nature). Or consider the Freemasons, who tout their group as the “oldest and largest worldwide fraternity” and boast alumni like George Washington. Some think that despite donating heaps of cash to charity, they’re secretly plotting your undoing at Masonic temples across the world. Or maybe, some theorize, the guys pulling the strings aren’t concealed in shadow at all. They might be the intelligentsia on the Council on Foreign Relations, a cadre of policy wonks who allegedly count their aims as publishing an erudite bimonthly journal and establishing a unified world government — not necessarily in that order.

DISTURBING: Here is the video the media didn’t want you to see…How Israel treats Africa and foreigners in general.

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Here is the video the mainstream media didn’t want you to see. It is a shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv, and interviews with human rights activists. This is a situation very few Americans were familiar with.

UNBELIEVABLE: Naked Couple Weds In Church…PICTURES.

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Pastor Allen Parker, the leader of White Tail Chapel in the town of Southampton (USA), said he came to the decision to allow naked worship after concluding the clothing requirements of other churches were overly ‘pretentious’, and decided his own flock should be free to forgo such materialism if they desire.

Speaking to CNN, Mr Parker said: ‘When he [Jesus] was born he was naked, when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked.’

‘If God made us that way, how can that be wrong?’ he added.

Mr Parker is believed to have drawn at least some of his opinions on nudity from the book of Genesis, in which Adam and Eve were originally described as ‘both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed’.

Although the church allows worshipers to attend services fully naked, many have decided they would rather continue to attend fully clothed, particularly when in mid-winter, while others opt to just reveal their breasts or genitals (lol).

The idea is that nudity is ‘the great equalizer’, reminding all those gathered in the church that they are simple human beings and that, beneath any personal wealth or glamorous outward appearance, they are all more of less the same beneath the clothing.