This Picture Is Going Viral. Is This The Difference Between Christianity and Islam?

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biblquaAs Nigeria’s Boko Haram declares allegiance to ISIS, christians took to the social media platforms to state the difference between the message that christianity preaches and the message radical islam promotes. 


Have your say: What is the difference between Christianity and Islam?


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A2Can someone that REFUSED to ATTEND OPUTA PANEL when invited talk about justice?

Can someone whose statements are loaded with VIOLENCE assure peace?

Can someone who promised he would ensure that SHARIA LAW gets to all part of the country tolerate people from other religion???

Can someone that asked MUSLIMS TO VOTE ONLY MUSLIM be voted for by other religion?

Can someone that put Shagari in HOUSE ARREST and DR Alex Ekwueme in PRISON be absolved of tribal sentiments?

Can someone who used retroactive laws to KILL PEOPLE be trusted with our lives? Can someone who says FIGHTING TERRORISM is against his people be allowed to be in charge of this country???

Can someone who executed 75% of PTF projects in the NORTH and distributed the remaining 25% among other regions when he was the PTF chairman be allowed to take charge of all projects in the country?

Can someone who as a military head of state who knows he would be overthrown but COULD NOT DO ANYTHING because his deputy was not around be classified as courageous? Can someone who says ACN is corrupt but because of his presidential ambition now surrounds himself with ACN thieves be ABLE TO FIGHT CORRUPTION?

Can someone who as head of PTF DID NOT KNOW how billions of Naira got missing be trusted with our entire wealth as president?

Can someone who could not allow the economics of demand, supply and internal production factors to determine the prices of commodities but used SOLDIERS TO FORCE price control be able to handle present economic challenges?

Can someone who did not allow his government be criticised and UNJUSTLY ARRESTED those who criticised his government be given that opportunity to lead again,etc?

Why did Gen. Ibrahim Babangida overthrow Buhari? For Power or to rescue Nigeria from the claws of Buhari?


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A suspected Islamist gunman was holding hostages inside a chocolate shop in Sydney on Monday and appeared to be making demands to negotiators through Facebook, YouTube and local news media. Five hostages managed to flee the scene of the attack, which terror analysts said had all the hallmarks of an ISIS-inspire lone-wolf attack.

Chris Reason, a journalist with NBC News’ Australian partner Channel 7, said the hostage-taker was “forcing them to stand against windows, sometimes two hours at a time.”

As the standoff entered its 13th hour, New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said nobody appeared to have been injured.

“We have the very best negotiators in the world on the job right now,” he told reporters. “Our plan, our only goal tonight is to get those people that are currently caught in that building out of there safely. For those that may be in that building rest assured we are doing all we can to set you free.”

Asked about reports that hostages were being forced to use Facebook and YouTube to pass on the gunman’s demands, Scipione said: “There’s no place on earth that doesn’t have access to social media. Our plans are built around that.”

He said police were in “contact” with the hostage-taker but added “the means by which we’re communicating is something we’d rather keep close to our chest.”

Scipione said reports of bomb threats in other parts of Sydney had been investigated but there not did not appear to be a danger. “We are only at this stage dealing with one location we are not concerned at this stage about any other,” he added.

The drama began shortly after 9:45 a.m. local time (5:45 p.m. ET Sunday). Lindt Australia Chief Executive Steve Loane told Sky Business there were “probably 30 customers” in the cafe and 10 workers. Police refused to confirm the numbers involved.

Africa stands with Sydney in this trying times. Our prayers are with the families and friends of the hostages. Islamic terrorism is an enemy to all.


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ImageThere is a new punishment for reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia. Your right hand is shredded. The four fingers and thumb are cut to the bone forty or fifty times. Muscles and nerves are severed so as to render the hand useless in the future. Also this punishment is carried out in filthy conditions making serious infection almost certain.

Apart from their Sharia law, based on the doctrine’s of their ‘prophet’ Mohammed (warlord and pedophile) Saudi Arabia has been short of head-choppers for their 2,500+ executions per year PER executioner and have been advertising to fill these dirty positions for quite sometime.

An executioner is a job done by ‘lower status’ individual and is a position that is paid per execution by the government under confidentiality agreements. The government also provides the sword. The Saudi government has been considering firing squads to fill the shortage of executioners.
Executioners have said they are “proud to do God’s work”. But is it a god or a man who sentence these people, without a fair trial, tortured into confessions?

And it doesn’t get better in other Muslim societies. The Iranian government announced new legal punishment tools under Sharia: an electronic saw is now being used to cut off hands, fingers and feet [see picture from government announcement below]. And now a type of shredder is implemented in some places for punishments.

ImageIRAN: It gets no better in other parts of the Muslim world. In January 2013 the Iranian government published pictures of a new tool for cutting fingers and hands off people. The machine, resembling a saw, was used for the public amputation of an adulterer’s fingers on Wednesday. The images were published by on of Iran’s official press agencies. Apparently the machine has been used before, but it’s not clear for how long.


An American Social media commentator, Moriel said this on his blog: “What George W Bush calls a religion of peace and tolerance when he placed the Koran in the White House to honor Islam after September 11th. His father, George H Bush, who together with James Baker (lawyer for the Saudis against the American families of 9/11 victims who sued the Saudis for funding Al Qaeda) is a co-investor with the Saudis in the Carlyle Group and calls those who do this to Christians “our friends…May God’s hand be against the Saudi Wahab…”

The activities of islamist extremists have been widely condemned by muslims.

Meet The Princess of Saudi Arabia and Her Struggles.

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ImageThis will shock you. The daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful, modern woman, who goes out in public wearing a scarf on her head that reveals her hair which is ‘un-islamic’.

Adlah bint Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Al Saoud is an islamic activist who fights for the freedom of muslim women and who believes that “Al Niqab” is more of a tradition, while the scarf represents what Islam instructs.

Adlah is an active woman in Saudi Arabia. She participates in welcoming foreign delegations, she attends plays and events, she poses for photos with younger women and men.

Adlah sees that there’s a real problem with underage marriages and calls for setting the rules straight and setting an age for marriage. She debates that an ancient islamic law does not fit into a modern society and thus must be reviewed.
She also sees no problem in women and men working side by side, as long as there’s mutual respect and laws that indict harassment.

Let’s know your opinion.
Do you agree in the struggles of Saudi’s Princess?