Mwembe Tayari


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ImageThe explosions happened simultaneously around 8pm and it is thought al Qaeda-linked Somali group al Shabaab is behind the attack. Four  people are already confirmed dead and more than 20 injured last night after suspected terrorist bombs exploded in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.
All the casualties occurred as a bomb ripped through a bus shelter in the Mwembe Tayari area, near the city centre.
The other blast was at the Reef Hotel, in the Nyari area of the city, where senior police officials were attending a workshop.

Kisauni district commissioner of police Tom Anjere said: ‘No-one was hurt or injured at the Reef Hotel but our concern is that senior security officers were there attending a workshop and they were clearly the target of the attack.
‘An improvised explosive device damaged the bar and we have set-up police check points in the area.’
No one claimed responsibility for the attack last night.
Last year al Shabaab claimed it was behind the Westgate shopping centre attack, which killed 67 people in Nairobi.

It has also been reported that Al shabaab is linked to Nigeria’s Boko Haram and the Al qaeda.
Africa Thisday’s top commentator in Nairobi had this to say: “Africa is under siege. This is beyond Islamic terrorism. Think about what is happening in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Very soon, South Africa may become unsafe. The west has questions to answer with regards to this prevalent bombardment of Africa by masked men.”