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A Nigerian Pastor Blasts South African #Blessers and Blesses, Calls Kenny Kunene a pastor

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profileDr. Charles Awuzie is best described as a dynamic bible expositor and CEO of Gemsbok Group Pty. Ltd. He is followed by several thousands of people on social media for his inspiring micro blogs on issues of Spirituality and faith, relationships and marriages, life and death. This is his recent post on facebook, blasting the recent viral #Blesser Hashtag:

“Currently Trending in South Africa is the Hashtag #Blesser
Where does the term “blesser” come from?
The term “blesser” comes from social media. Girls would post pictures on Instagram, facebook and twitter of themselves sipping cocktails on the beach, popping bottles in the club, driving in top of the range automobiles, flying business class or getting their nails done, using the hashtag #blessed. Some people started asking: Who’s really ‘blessing’ them? And just like that, a cultural phenomenon was popularised – a phenomenon where younger girls hunt for older and rich guys who would ‘bless’ them. Then a meet up platform was launched online to help a potential #Blesser meet a desperate #Blessee.
But What’s ‘My Own Sef’? (in my Nigerian ascent)…
Why shouldn’t this Kwerekwere facebooker mind his own business? Or should we remind him that his Nigerian brothers are the biggest blessers in Mzazi? Doesn’t he know that even ‘pastor’ Kenny Kunene – the now repentant sushi King respected Nigerians in this ‘blessing’ game?
Well, sisi, I share your concerns. After the “blesser” hashtag went LIVE and viral, my first response was to imitate the tea-sipping Kermit and convince my conscience that it is ‘none of my business’.
But my conscience won’t let me…
How can I mind my own business when approximately one-fifth of South African women in their reproductive ages are HIV positive? (Source:
How can I mind my own business when almost 3 out of every 7 girls who came to me for prayers wanted me to pray so God can give them a rich man (a blesser) who will be a ‘blessing’ to their lives?
How can I mind my own business when almost 90% of our daughters/sisters are in one way or the other hunting for a #blesser? (Source: Experience as a youth pastor).
How do you expect me to mind my own business when foolish men have ascended the throne of a #blesser, demonstrating a total rebellion against God who alone is the #TrueBlesser?
And you want me to mind my own business….?
I refuse to mind my own business…I make bold to say that if you are a young lady and you are dating older married men so they can ‘bless’ you, you are a disgrace to yourself. Your heart is desperately wicked and your end is shame if you don’t turn away from your evil ways. That man is someone’s husband, dad and boss. What you are taking away from him through your seduction belongs to those he belongs to. You are a thief and like every other robber, you will be caught and brought to shame someday. It is not late to go back to school or acquire a skill. If man is your blesser, you are cursed…But when God is your blesser, sisi, you are #TrulyBlessed.
And finally to you foolish blessers….You either repent or perish with your filthy money. How dare you take the place of God? Are you not afraid of HE who can destroy both your flesh and your soul? tbWho made you a #blesser? Listen, Grace is your only life line to repent today. If you continue in your haughtiness, Jehovah – the #TrueBLESSER shall soon withdraw His blessings from you and your life shall be empty again.
My name is Charles Awuzie and my cry is that #SouthAfrica shall be #TrulyBlessed.
Dr. Charles Awuzie blogs on and tweets on @pastorcharlesc.
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