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Please AFRICA THISDAY publish this so that my Nigerian friends can stop been obsessed of beautiful South African women and also so that my South African brothers can keep their as* in one place.

Not every girl you see out there is human. So many of them are on a mission, they are sent by different occultic kingdoms
to fulfill different missions. I belonged to a very powerful marine kingdom here in South Africa and each girl in our kingdom had the power to disappear from a scene, transform our body into any animal, or even change the brains of our victim with a dead brain. This is why some men who came to South Africa with an aim when they sleep with us, they abandon their original plans and only desire to have more sex adventures with any of our beautiful agents. We were all given spiritual HIV to spread to every man and each girl had a mission of sleeping with 100 men in a week. A type of HIV that no machine in the world can detect it but it will gradually kill the man.

In my case, I had powers that made me sleep with multiple men at various locations at the same place. So one man will be sleeping with me in Johannesburg by 8:00PM and another man in Cape Town will also be sleeping with me at the same time. I don’t get into any serious relationship with the men so that they won’t find out my true identity. I don’t sleep with one particular man more than twice. So if you are reading this and you have ever slept with any girl just once or twice and then you lost contact with her or she refused coming to sleep with you again, then you might have been a victim of my former kingdom. We also used to target tourist who come into South Africa and desires one night stand with South African ladies. We also targeted institutions of learning and killed the destinies of most young men by sleeping with them. After sleeping with a man, he will have the spiritual HIV and die faster.

One day, a powerful man of God {I won’t mention his name} conducted a crusade and we where 7 powerful girls that went to destroy him. We were hanging in the air commanding a spiritual torrential rain to start falling but the man of God sensed our presence and asked the congregants to start praying. The battle was so strong but at the end, we all fell from the sky and that was how I was delivered. I thank God that I am a child of God today. I am always sorry for all the things I did when I was in the kingdom of darkness and I am using this opportunity to expose my former kingdom so that my conscience will not spank me each time I see another young man entering a hotel with any of our beautiful agents.

To my brothers & sisters out there who chase every girl/man they see, Please stop it because most of them are witches and once you sleep with them, you are finished. You will never leave South Africa in one piece again. You will be frustrated in every way until you start thinking of suicide. And if you have been a victim then I will advise you go to God in prayers. Don’t rush to any man of God because we have even rendered most men of God impotent through sex. Only a few men of God here in South Africa are free from us because they have refused to have sex with us or accept the fame and money we promise them.



1) Cast the spell of lust into Johannesburg which is the entry point of South Africa so that whoever enters this country through here will be possessed with a strong desire for sex.

2)Launch my arrow of hard luck on 50 beautiful girls so that they will become financially frustrated and then will become vulnerable for our kingdom.

3) Cause loose men to have careless money so that they won’t know what to do with such unplanned money than to spend it in clubs where we had already placed our agents for pick-ups.

4) Attack every evangelist, pastor or church in South Africa and make them develop pity and emotional attachment to our beautiful agents which we attach to their lives and ministries.

5) Attend the level 999 meeting in the caves of ancient Babylon where I will receive my promotion into the second to the highest order of the kingdom and then I planned to invite more agents from the British Virgin Islands and India.

Brothers, be careful when you see any strange woman in this country. It is beyond what your eyes can see.

Share this to save your brothers from destruction.


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Guys, this is exclusively for you. Have you ever wondered why the women you date always turn out to be annoying or weird in some way? Have you ever thought that perhaps you have been choosing the wrong type of women? Below is a list of ten different types of women you should avoid, according to an article I just came across. Read carefully and see if you can learn one or two things.

1. The Chatterbox:

This is the woman who never shuts up, barely stopping to breathe. Seemingly only concerned about what is going on in her life, she always has to make a comment about everything and dominates conversations.
2. The Desperate Chick:

This type of woman will seem fantastic at first, until she starts talking about your wedding location, how many kids she wants and the name of your future dog–right after the first date! When a woman advances WAY faster than normal, watch out. She NEEDS a man so bad that she’s willing to put anybody in that slot, even the homeless guy on the corner.

3. The Overly-Critical Woman
Anything you do for this type of woman is simply not good enough. Nothing seems to work unless it is done according to her standards. Anything that is said by anyone will be quickly taken out of context to become some sort of insult or some reason to wage war against the world. This type of woman has plenty of emotional baggage and will make you an angry and bitter person as there will be nothing but misery with her.

4. The Bimbo
This type of woman can’t obtain a GED but has managed to secure a PhD in the science of the bedroom. This is an intellectually challenged woman who looks great but, in all honesty, shouldn’t open her mouth. Her skills are unquestionably only rooted in the physical realm and unless you’re just after one-night stands, you do not want to bring a stupid girl home to meet Mom and Dad. The majority of girls you see on the streets everyday fall into this category,

5. The High Maintenance Chick
If this type of woman breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you’re doing to drive her to the salon immediately. Her daddy always told her she was a princess and she expects to be treated like one at all times. She has expensive taste and expects you to shower her with only the best things and take her out to posh places on a regular basis. If you don’t have a lot of money and a penchant for luxury, don’t even bother.

6. The Clingy Girl
This woman is a nuisance who can’t go anywhere or do anything without the company of her man. She’ll adopt your interests, calls 20 times a day and fly off the handle anytime she’s not around to monitor your behavior. This type of woman will smother any chance of you missing her by insisting that you spend every waking moment with her, refusing to let you go out with the boys or spend any significant amount of time with anyone else.

7. The Baby’s Mama
This woman has a great physique, great personality and her toes are pretty too! There’s only one problem–she’s got a pretty large amount of children with assorted “baby-daddy’s”, and when women like this get desperate, any and every guy has the potential to be “daddy.” This woman got knocked up by somebody that she was supposedly in love with, and not only is she a bad judge of character, she’s GROSSLY irresponsible. The same guys that are “jerks” now are the same guys she once thought the world of and had unprotected sex with.

8. The Gold Digger
The Gold-Digger will compliment you on your expensive watch, ask you what kind of car you drive, what you do for a living, where you live and so on. Like the high maintenance woman, the Gold Digger is basically looking for a sugar daddy, she’ll size you up within the first five minutes and drop you just as quickly if your cash flow runs out and you can’t take her shopping anymore. These types of women will just suck your wallet dry and leave you emasculated. Fortunately,you can usually see this type coming from a mile away. She wants to write out the names of all her designer items and post it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

9. The Club Girl
Club girls are nothing more than fantasy women who have been practically living in bars and clubs since they hit the legal drinking age. They have beautiful faces with full lips, big doe eyes, great legs, and all the curves you could ever ask for. The problem in dating these women is that they love to wear clothes that show off their great assets not just to you, but to every Tom, man-hood and Harry on the street. A woman like this may be carefree and wild; however, once you take a closer look, you’ll realize that her entire life is a party and most nights will end with her puking in your car. Or waking up hungover, in some guy’s bed in the morning.

10. The Feminist
This type of woman can never be pleased by a man and she believes that men are the cause of all the pains and suffering of society. It is her strong belief that women are much more intelligent than men and are capable of doing things “the right way”. You don’t want to waste any time with this type of woman because anything that you do will always be negative to her.




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