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A Nigerian Pastor Blasts South African #Blessers and Blesses, Calls Kenny Kunene a pastor

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profileDr. Charles Awuzie is best described as a dynamic bible expositor and CEO of Gemsbok Group Pty. Ltd. He is followed by several thousands of people on social media for his inspiring micro blogs on issues of Spirituality and faith, relationships and marriages, life and death. This is his recent post on facebook, blasting the recent viral #Blesser Hashtag:

“Currently Trending in South Africa is the Hashtag #Blesser
Where does the term “blesser” come from?
The term “blesser” comes from social media. Girls would post pictures on Instagram, facebook and twitter of themselves sipping cocktails on the beach, popping bottles in the club, driving in top of the range automobiles, flying business class or getting their nails done, using the hashtag #blessed. Some people started asking: Who’s really ‘blessing’ them? And just like that, a cultural phenomenon was popularised – a phenomenon where younger girls hunt for older and rich guys who would ‘bless’ them. Then a meet up platform was launched online to help a potential #Blesser meet a desperate #Blessee.
But What’s ‘My Own Sef’? (in my Nigerian ascent)…
Why shouldn’t this Kwerekwere facebooker mind his own business? Or should we remind him that his Nigerian brothers are the biggest blessers in Mzazi? Doesn’t he know that even ‘pastor’ Kenny Kunene – the now repentant sushi King respected Nigerians in this ‘blessing’ game?
Well, sisi, I share your concerns. After the “blesser” hashtag went LIVE and viral, my first response was to imitate the tea-sipping Kermit and convince my conscience that it is ‘none of my business’.
But my conscience won’t let me…
How can I mind my own business when approximately one-fifth of South African women in their reproductive ages are HIV positive? (Source:
How can I mind my own business when almost 3 out of every 7 girls who came to me for prayers wanted me to pray so God can give them a rich man (a blesser) who will be a ‘blessing’ to their lives?
How can I mind my own business when almost 90% of our daughters/sisters are in one way or the other hunting for a #blesser? (Source: Experience as a youth pastor).
How do you expect me to mind my own business when foolish men have ascended the throne of a #blesser, demonstrating a total rebellion against God who alone is the #TrueBlesser?
And you want me to mind my own business….?
I refuse to mind my own business…I make bold to say that if you are a young lady and you are dating older married men so they can ‘bless’ you, you are a disgrace to yourself. Your heart is desperately wicked and your end is shame if you don’t turn away from your evil ways. That man is someone’s husband, dad and boss. What you are taking away from him through your seduction belongs to those he belongs to. You are a thief and like every other robber, you will be caught and brought to shame someday. It is not late to go back to school or acquire a skill. If man is your blesser, you are cursed…But when God is your blesser, sisi, you are #TrulyBlessed.
And finally to you foolish blessers….You either repent or perish with your filthy money. How dare you take the place of God? Are you not afraid of HE who can destroy both your flesh and your soul? tbWho made you a #blesser? Listen, Grace is your only life line to repent today. If you continue in your haughtiness, Jehovah – the #TrueBLESSER shall soon withdraw His blessings from you and your life shall be empty again.
My name is Charles Awuzie and my cry is that #SouthAfrica shall be #TrulyBlessed.
Dr. Charles Awuzie blogs on and tweets on @pastorcharlesc.
Africa Thisday wishes to introduce #BlessersMustFall hashtag. Make this viral. Share!

…Before Nnamdi Kanu is Killed

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by Dr. Charles Awuzie (Johannesburg)

“The use of force to deprive peoples of their national identity constitutes a violation of their inalienable rights and of the principle of non-intervention…By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right to freely determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and every state has the duty to respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Charter.” ~Ref: Hurst Hannum; Autonomy, Sovereignty and Self-Determination: The Accommodation of Conflicting Rights, Page 38.

I have endured the urge to write about the on-going agitation for the release of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and the subsequent declaration of the Sovereignty of Biafra for two reasons:

1) Because of my principle of not publicly speaking about any subject I have no clear understanding of.

2) Because of my doubts about the honesty of the motives of the incarcerated leader of the #IPOB – Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

Its okay if you have a problem with my second reason, I also do. The proliferation of Secessionist Movements in recent times has made some of us to question the motives, aims and desires of the leaders of such groups before we lend our tiny voice(s) to their cause.

For the record, I believe in the principle of self-determination, whether it is Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’s call for the secession of the Yoruba people from Nigeria or Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s struggle for Biafra’s secession from Nigeria; I believe in both ideologies but I always have problem trusting in the pioneers of such movements, perhaps because of my secret romance with conspiracy theories.

Back to the purpose of this macro-blog, I am afraid that Nnamdi Kanu might not make it out of ‘prison’ alive, not because Buhari will kill him but because the security agents might snuff the life out of him in the course of interrogating him. But before that happens, here is my two-edged-sword:

First to Biafrans: Protests, no matter how peaceful have never solved any socio-political problem instead it has created more confusion and chaos. You have a just cause. The actualisation of Biafra is a dream every Biafran hates to be awoken from. That you and I love Biafra doesn’t mean that we hate Nigeria. It just means that we would rather choose to relate with Nigeria as a mother and no longer as a sister. If Nigeria understands this, she would let Biafra go in peace having understood that at one stage in life, a mother will have to release her child to take care of himself.

Like everyone else, I believe in self-determination but I do not believe that IPOB and MASSOB are doing it the right way.

Biafrans should immediately withdraw from the streets and mobilise a team of high powered international lawyers who would engage the United Nations in the processes and procedures of self-determination. This would culminate in the summoning of the Nigerian Government to a world court and subsequently, the Nigerian Government would be given an ultimatum by the international community to either hold a referendum on the Biafra-Secession saga or risk sanctions. I strongly believe that if the international community forces Nigeria into holding a referendum on Biafra-Nigeria marriage, Biafra would surely win. This way, we would have secured victory without further bloodsheds and unnecessarily frustrating economic activities in South Eastern Nigeria.

To the Nigerian Government: I believe that you have the right to protect the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria. I also understand that you do not wish to kill Nnamdi Kanu in detention. But please understand that it is dangerous to fight an ideology whose time has come. The war against Boko Haram has not been won because it is a fight against an ideology. Biafra is an ideology and not an enemy. Only fools fight ideologies with bullets. I will advise that the Nigerian Government call for a referendum on the secession of Biafra. I bet you that there are millions of Biafrans who would vote against Biafra, not because they don’t believe in Biafra but because they don’t trust the after-effects of the declaration of the sovereignty of Biafra. They are afraid that if the igbos are still divided over grey-haired issues like the OSU-Nwadiala myth, the ODIBO/ORU-OGA mentality, The inter-State dichotomy where Abia would freely deport Anambra civil servants while Anambra would not promote an Enugu civil servant beyond a certain grade level because of their state of origin and all the crinkum crankum familiar with the politics of the Igbo people. With fears like these and perhaps a few state-sponsored propaganda, Nigeria might win the referendum.

#NO2Protests #YES2Referendum #ReleaseNnamdiKanuNOW #CharlesAwuzieSPEAKS

Dr. Charles Awuzie is a South African based Nigerian pastor, succeeding businessman and prolific blogger. He blogs on and tweets @pastorcharlesc.

Libya: Gaddafi’s Last Speech – Pricking The Conscience of The West

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~ by Muammar Gaddafi, April 17, 2011 ~
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
rescuedFor 40 years, or was it longer, I can’t remember, I did all I
could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were
hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from
the desert.
I stood up to attacks from that cowboy Ronald Reagan, when he killed
my adopted orphaned daughter, he was trying to kill me, instead he
killed that poor innocent child. Then I helped my brothers and sisters
from Africa with money for the African Union.
I did all I could to help people Understand the concept of real
democracy, where people’s committees ran our country. But that was
never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10 room homes,
new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were
they wanted more.
They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed “democracy”
and “freedom” never realizing it was a cut throat system where “the
biggest dog eats the rest”, but they were enchanted with those words,
never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free
hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except
when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup.
No matter what I did, it was never enough for some, but for others,
they knew I was the son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the only true Arab
and Muslim leader we’ve had since Salah-al-Deen, when he claimed
the Suez Canal for his people, as I claimed Libya, for my people, it was
his footsteps I tried to follow, to keep my people free from colonial
domination – from thieves who would steal from us.
Now, I am under attack by the biggest force in military history, my little
African son, Obama wants to kill me, to take away the freedom of our
country, to take away our free housing, our free medicine, our free
education, our free food, and replace it with American style thievery
called “capitalism”, but all of us in the Third World know what that
means, it means corporations run the countries, run the world, and
the people suffer.
So, there is no alternative for me, I must make my stand, and if Allah
wishes, I shall die by following His path, the path that has made our
country rich with farmland, with food and health, and even allowed us
to help our African and Arab brothers and sisters.
I do not wish to die, but if it comes to that, to save this land, my
people, all the thousands who are all my children, then so be it.
Let this testament be my voice to the world, that I stood up to
crusader attacks of NATO, stood up to cruelty, stoop up to betrayal,
stood up to the West and its colonialist ambitions, and that I stood
with my African brothers, my true Arab and Muslim brothers, as a
beacon of light.

NOTE: After President Muammar Gaddafi was successfully eliminated by some western coalition, Libya has never known peace. Isn’t the west wasting Africa?


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141214124710-miss-world-crowned-story-topMiss South Africa, Rolene Strauss, was crowned Miss World on Sunday in a competition in London.

“South Africa, this is for you,” she said in an interview after the pageant. “I’m so proud of you and I’m proud to be your representative.”

Strauss won the title over runner-up Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsár. Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit, took third place.

Strauss, a fourth-year medical student at University of the Free State, put her studies on hold after being crowned Miss South Africa in March. She inherited the crown from Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines.

She was born in 1992 in Nelspruit.

TB JOSHUA: Bodies of 74 S.Africans killed in Lagos church collapse Arrive South Africa.

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Many could not fight back tears when names of those killed were called out and a procession of giant mortuary trucks carrying the bodies, slowly drove past the gathering to the tune of the “death march” played by the police band.

A total of 116 people — including 81 South Africans — were killed on September 12 when a multi-storey guesthouse collapsed at a Lagos mega-church.

The bodies were flown home aboard a cargo plane, two months after the accident, leaving behind another 11 victims to be repatriated after the DNA identification process is complete.

People were crushed when the guesthouse that provided lodging for foreign followers of popular Nigerian preacher and televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly known as TB Joshua, was reduced to a pile of shattered concrete and twisted metal.

“This is indeed a sombre moment for our nation, the nation is in mourning,” said South Africa’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, leading the ceremony in Pretoria.

“This tragedy in many ways has united us in grief, it has reminded us of our shared humanity,” he said.

Ramaphosa shook hands with bereaved family members, many of whom wore white TB Joshua’s church scarves around their necks.

Franzette Saul, who lost her cousin Dan Samuels in the disaster, said the victims had visited the Nigerian preacher in search of salvation.

“They believed he would heal them… then the opposite happened,” said the 31-year-old from Cape Town.

Source: DailyMail.

EXPOSED: Obama in the eyes of a poet.

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Credo Mutwa’s predictions has a history of accuracy. In this poem, he captures his prediction of America’s president.

He wrote a poem about him and he views him as “an actor upon the floodlit stage of life wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown”.
Accordingly, he says Obama “pretends smiles upon the crowded hall of life holding much hope as much as bright as it is false. ”
In a nutshell, he says “Africa will gladly look to Obama, but the truth is that he is a son born to deceive:”

Text from the Poem.
“You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive
“The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,
“See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.
“An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope
“Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.
“May those who hope in you behold you as you be
“A prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrines
“A siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.
“Your rule my lord will not be one of peace
“Your reign my king will not be one of smiles
“Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank.
“Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise
“They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.
“Oh black Kennedy following the one before
“May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse
“As you walk in silence from the stage of life…”

The million dollar question is “What if Credo Mutwa is right? Who really is Obama? Questions and more questions!


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Julius Malema, EFF leader.
Julius Malema, EFF leader.

EFF leader, Julius Malema was kicked out of Parliament on Thursday after he refused to withdraw remarks accusing the ANC government of being responsible for the deaths of 32 miners killed in Marikana in August 2012.

National Council of Provinces chairperson Thandi Modise ruled that Malema’s remarks were unparliamentary and that it did not accord with the decorum of the House.
This morning, members of EFF took to the social media in support of the action of their leader.



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By Jess Green
The day of the 26th of May 2014 finally arrived. It was the first day of a new era of immigration law in South Africa. Last week the new South African immigration regulations were published in the government gazette, after being signed in by President Jacob Zuma and Minister of Home Affairs Naledi Pandor.

This is after confused immigrants of all kinds were up in arms over the initial set of immigration regulations that proposed very harsh changes, some even unconstitutional. The public were allowed to send in their opinions and ideas, and the period from around March until now (a great deal of time) was used for the government to address these concerns. Speculation was rife that the decision to implement these regulations was postponed until after the national elections.

The resultant regulations have improved the situation on some levels, but in general have not, and when taken in conjunction with other events, show the dire state that Home Affairs is in, as well as the mountain they still have to climb. Here are a selection of some of those key issues:



1. A new minister was appointed literally days after the new immigration regulations were signed into being. Malusi Gigaba replaces Naledi Pandor, and although the outlook on his performance seems good, such a change at such a time does not bode well for a planned and organised Home Affairs Department.

2. Some of the new immigration laws and regulations seem unconstitutional. The main example usually quoted is that spouses or life partners of South African citizens cannot join their loved ones in the Republic unless they can prove a marriage of two years or longer. While this is debatable for life partnership arrangements, those in formal marriages are protected by constitutional law not be separated in such a way.

3. Industries such as the film industry, a huge creator of jobs and a big economic boost for our country, will now struggle to in some cases lengthen and also apply for the various visas without sending foreign employees back to their countries of origin first. There are one or two advantages to the new regulations for this industry, however.

4. The DTI and Department of Labour are now involved in the application adjudication process, yet they are not informed of all the changes and also have no supporting setup to handle the applications at all.

5. Some applications must now be made from abroad, such as first applications and certain changes or extensions. This is not going to stand well when, for example, the delay and cost in application will split a family or cause someone to lose their offer of employment. We have already seen millions of tax payers’ money paid by Home Affairs when losing court cases as they were sued by those who lost their job contracts due to lengthy permit adjudication times.

6. Lastly, and in my opinion the biggest concern, is that various Home Affairs offices around South Africa and the world had (and still have!) no idea that the new regulations have been published. They have no idea of the new application fees, since these have not even been published by the Department of Home Affairs either. Similarly, the Quota and Exceptional Skills Work Permits are now removed and have been replaced by a Critical Skills Visa, however there is no mention anywhere of what qualifies one for this new visa.

It is plain to see that there is little communication between government departments and even within departments, as well as an unorganised approach to the entire setup of who to allow into South Africa, and how. While it is not all doom and gloom, many facets of the new legislation and regulations are without a doubt going to cause many people to sue the Department of Home Affairs, costing us our taxpayers’ valuable funds.

Let’s hope that the new Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, can dig deep quickly and restore some order to an already long-standing mess.


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ImagePRETORIA — South African President Jacob Zuma was sworn in for a second five-year term Saturday at a pomp-filled event attended by thousands from across the country, with dozens of foreign dignitaries from around the African continent also on hand.
But on the streets, South Africans expressed mixed opinions about five more years in office for a leader who has been embroiled in corruption scandals since first taking office.
Zuma took his second oath of office during a spectacular and colorful ceremony at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, as dozens of sitting heads of state, over 100 ambassadors and thousands of South Africans observed.
A supporter of the ruling African National Congress party checks her accreditation for the inauguration in Pretoria, South Africa, May 24, 2014.A supporter of the ruling African National Congress party checks her accreditation for the inauguration in Pretoria, South Africa, May 24, 2014.
The president began his second term after his ruling African National Congress party’s decisive 62 percent win in national elections May 7.
The official ceremony began with Zuma taking the oath of office in front of the country’s chief justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng. He vowed to “be faithful to the republic of South Africa, so help me God.”
The military paid tribute with a 21-gun salute and a series of aircraft flyovers, demonstrating its readiness to protect the president and the nation at large.
In his inauguration speech, Zuma said his second term would “involve the implementation of radical social-economic transformation.”



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ImageThe explosions happened simultaneously around 8pm and it is thought al Qaeda-linked Somali group al Shabaab is behind the attack. Four  people are already confirmed dead and more than 20 injured last night after suspected terrorist bombs exploded in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.
All the casualties occurred as a bomb ripped through a bus shelter in the Mwembe Tayari area, near the city centre.
The other blast was at the Reef Hotel, in the Nyari area of the city, where senior police officials were attending a workshop.

Kisauni district commissioner of police Tom Anjere said: ‘No-one was hurt or injured at the Reef Hotel but our concern is that senior security officers were there attending a workshop and they were clearly the target of the attack.
‘An improvised explosive device damaged the bar and we have set-up police check points in the area.’
No one claimed responsibility for the attack last night.
Last year al Shabaab claimed it was behind the Westgate shopping centre attack, which killed 67 people in Nairobi.

It has also been reported that Al shabaab is linked to Nigeria’s Boko Haram and the Al qaeda.
Africa Thisday’s top commentator in Nairobi had this to say: “Africa is under siege. This is beyond Islamic terrorism. Think about what is happening in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Very soon, South Africa may become unsafe. The west has questions to answer with regards to this prevalent bombardment of Africa by masked men.”