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DISTURBING: Here is the video the media didn’t want you to see…How Israel treats Africa and foreigners in general.

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Here is the video the mainstream media didn’t want you to see. It is a shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv, and interviews with human rights activists. This is a situation very few Americans were familiar with.


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ABUJA— Barely a month after President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe made derogatory remarks about Nigeria and its citizens, the Federal Government, yesterday, reacted, describing Mugabe’s statement as “unstatesmanlike and dishonourable.”

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Martin Uhoimoibhi, made the condemnation while addressing a two man delegation from Zimbabwe.

Mugabe had, during his recent 90th birthday luncheon hosted by the Service Chiefs and the Public Commission, described Nigeria and its citizens as corrupt.

Mugabe, while addressing the delegates at the occasion, said Zimbabweans were now almost behaving like Nigerians who, according to him, have to be corruptly paid for every service.

Reacting to President Mugabe’s derogatory remarks, the Permanent Secretary said the Federal Government was deeply concerned that a sitting President whose country Nigeria had assisted immensely during its liberation struggle and had enjoyed cordial relations with, could take “considerable time to vituperate about Nigeria, reflecting what we considered to be a strong aversion for our country.”

Uhoimoibhi said it was disheartening that not only did the utterance not reflect the reality in the country but that it came from a sitting president of a brotherly country.

He said: “We considered the remarks denigrating and unstateman like on Nigeria and Nigerians in general. We want to present the strongest protest on that statement. We thought it was most unkind and very dishonourable.

“So we take the strongest exception to it and we protest it for its partial inaccuracy, and also for the unfriendly attitude that it conveyed from the President towards Nigeria and Nigerians.

‘We ‘re proud Africans’

“Nigerians are Afrocentric people. We are very proud of the role we have played throughout our history to uphold the dignitary of the black race and the black man wherever he exists.

“We are immensely proud of our history in the liberation struggle. Nigeria, even though it was geographically different, distant from Southern Africa, was regarded as a frontline state.

“This was not a struggle that we fought half heartedly. We fought that struggle with all our heart, with our mind and every Nigerian citizen paid the prize for that struggle.

“Your pain was our pain; your struggle was our struggle. We believe your freedom is our freedom. But for the number one citizen of that country to regard Nigeria in a term in which the statement of the president was reported to have represented Nigeria with what was most unkind, hostile and unfriendly, we hope that this does not reflect a long-standing aversion for Nigerians.”

The permanent secretary, who gave the assurance that Nigeria would not change its Afrocentric policy, stressed that the country would continue to work for the good of all mankind and indeed the black race.

He said: “We have the utmost respect for Zimbabweans. You are welcome to our country but we are not happy and we are most unhappy indeed at this utterance.”


Slams South Africa

Ambassador Uhoimoibhi, who also reacted to the racist attack on Nigerians by South Africans, called on the South African government to checkmate such act.

He also enjoined South Africa to ensure that in line with “all appropriate actions consistent with commitment of South African government to international standard of behaviour and the cordial relations that exist between our two countries, those matters are dealt with in appropriate way.

“We condemn in the strongest terms any act of racism, xenophobia and discrimination perpetrated by whomsoever, and we are appalled that this incident occurred from a country we hold in a high esteem and which is a brother country to Nigeria.”

Receiving the memoir and the note from Uhoimoibhi for onward delivery to the Zimbabwean government, the Head of Chancery, Mr. Kunjeku, promised to deliver the message.

In a related development, there has been unconfirmed rumors of attacks on Nigerians living in Johannesburg, South Africa early this week.
Nigerians have always been the target of every xenophobic attack in Southern Africa despite the roles they played during the struggle for the freedom of this region.

BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria has become Africa’s biggest economy as World Bank, IMF, Afdb Endorse Nigeria’s New GDP Statistics: 3:44am ABUJA, April 6 (Xinhua)

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The World Bank,
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and African
Development Bank (AfDB) have endorsed Nigeria’s new Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately 509.9 billion U.S. dollars released on Sunday and placing the West African country as the biggest economy in Africa, said an official who spoke for the three financial institutions.
According to the figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics after a rebasing, Nigeria surpassed South Africa with a 2013 rebased figure of 370 billion U.S. dollars, to emerge as Africa’s biggest economy.
The new figures show that the biggest oil producer in Africa climbed to the 26th largest economy in the world.
“I speak on behalf of three development partners, namely the World Bank, African Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund, in first congratulating the National Bureau of Statistics on their announcement today (on Sunday) of the rebased GDP figure for the Nigerian economy,” said Gene Leon, country representative of the IMF.
“Let me state that we endorse this wholeheartedly and we support Nigeria in this regard,” said Gene Leon, country representative of the IMF, adding the economic policies of Nigeria could be better and more
correctly targeted based on the updated information than it could have been, using the outdated information.

The GDP index is the total value of a country’s goods and services over a period of time. Rebasing is carried out to give the most up-to-date picture of an economy as possible.
According to the IMF, countries are
supposed to rebase their GDPs after every five years, but Nigeria’s was last computed in 1999 when there was limited growth in most economic sectors. (CLICK HERE TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE NEWS)

The new calculation, released by the bureau of
statistics, now includes previously uncounted
industries like telecoms, information technology, music, on-line sales, airlines, and film production.


Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed at South African Home Affairs

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The South African Home Affairs Department, Asylum office in Marabastad, Pretoria was thrown into chaos today as a Somalian Asylum seeker was mobbed to death by a security officer attached to the office.

Every Thursday as early as 1am, hundreds of immigrants gather at this home affairs to seek for asylum and most of them get beaten or whipped by the alleged xenophobic officers.

Commenting on today’s incident, a Nigerian asylum seeker who spoke anonymously said he “wish this will tell the world what foreigners go through at Marabastad, Pretoria.”.

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Rabbit hidden in Nelson Mandela’s ear by white sculptor’s

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A rabbit has been hidden in right ear of the newly erected Nelson Mandela statue at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. The sculptors of the nine metre bronze-plated statue, Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, secretly added the rabbit to the work.

The duo have said the rabbit was a “small trademark” of their work after the department of arts and culture did not allow them to engrave their signatures on bottom of the trouser leg of the statue. They said it also represented the tight deadline they were working under as rabbit in Afrikaans “haas” also means haste.
Recall that the struggle against the apartheid was fought against the Afrikaans in power. Africa Thisday is just wondering if this is not the Afrikaner’s way of making Mandela’s struggle a joke after the legend’s death.

Reports say that they have tendered an apology for their expensive joke.

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