BREAKING NEWS: Missing AirAsia Aircraft’s Co-Pilot is Nigerian

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remIn the early hours of today, AirAsia, an Indonesian airline announced the missing of their Singapore bound aircraft-Flight QZ8501. Africa Thisday followed the developing events and launched an inquiry into the personality of one Mr. Remi Emmanuel who was named as the flight’s First Officer. The mainstream media had reported that Co-Pilot Remi was from France but here in Africa Thisday, we suspected that the name ‘Remi’ originates from Yoruba, a tribe in western Nigeria and thus we started our investigation.

First, we were able to obtain the biodata of Mr. Remi Emmanuel. We established contacts with some people who knew him at his Paris flat and a neighbour who did not want his name mentioned said “Mr. Remi is a decent Nigerian-French pilot. He was so proud of his African roots. Wherever he is right now, I know his soul is embittered by the media’s misrepresentation of his identity and origin. He holds a French passport but his blood is African.” He said amidst sobs.

The photograph of Mr. Remi Emmanuel obtained by Africa Thisday shows a black young man, an undebatable evidence that Mr. Remi is first Nigerian and then French.

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